Start Business

When you are looking at starting a business, everything starts from a problem that needs to be solved, or a solution that has helped somebody do something.

The Problem if The Massive Text

To explore this, lets look at my life. To elaborate, in 2007, I had a family member that was running nightclubs.  It was their job to create the VIP list, fill it up and get the “who’s who” in Minneapolis to come out and get them in the doors each night.  Their idea was to send text messages to these people to get them to come out,  and they said it worked really, really well.  That said, they couldn’t figure out how to send a mass text message to everybody at one time.

The first attempt was to buy multiple cell phones to hook up to a special modem (remember the old modems that people used to have when “dial up” what was used for internet access?!) to try and send out the text messages.

The idea/problem: They needed more people to come out to the nightclubs so they could have more sales.

The attempted solution:  Sending text messages which got a reply and got people there.

How to Start A Business

That is how you start a business.  You take an idea that you feel is missing, or something that you want to fixed, something where you say “there’s got to be an easier way”.  If you are not asking that question every single day, “there’s got to be a better way”, “there’s got to be an easier way”, “there’s got to be a more efficient way” then wake up!

Back to the story, in the summer of 2007, when he said, “we’ve got to start sending text messages to increase business”, I asked him if he would like help getting that up and running and if I could take a crack at it.  He said sure.  A year later, we had a company up and running that sent text messages to people that opted in to join a loyalty program. We still own that business now (part of it).

Take whatever problem you see or that you may have that you want to fix and send that over to us.  Send us an email. We can help you dive into your idea. We will give you suggestions and help design a workflow on getting your project online.

Win $1000 Now

I will give $1,000 to anyone that submits a good idea we want to partner on.  Half the money has to be invested in the company.  The other half is just a reward to the person.)  So take a look around!  What problem can you solve?

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