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10 Tips to Help You Generate Inbound Sales Leads

It can feel like an uphill battle to generate enough inbound sales leads to make marketing campaigns profitable. We have been there ourselves and know what it is like because we have experienced the same thing. Every successful marketing team has to struggle with testing too many strategies and variables until they get what works best for them. 

After years of experimenting, we finally discovered the right formula and the truth is that getting the basics exactly right is all it takes. Here are ten ways to generate inbound sales, and once you understand them, they will continue to work wonders for you with little maintenance. 

1. Let your Blog be a Valuable Resource

According to the HubSpot State of Inbound 2018 Report, 61% of marketers consider blogging their number one inbound marketing strategy, while 61% cite generating traffic and leads as their biggest ongoing challenge.

In contrast, Ahrefs’ research reveals that 91% of online content receives no Google traffic whatsoever.

It’s no wonder that traffic and leads are major concerns for marketers, but what’s going on here?

The Ahrefs study identified two primary reasons content is not getting the traffic it deserves:

  • Lack of user intent when creating content. The new Google algorithm in 2022 gives a clear picture of how important user intent is when creating content. Google prefers content by people, for people. Creating content that people won’t look for completely removes you from the search process. 
  • Lack of backlinks. One of the most important ranking factors by Google is having backlinks. Chances are you’re not going to be visible on SERPs if you don’t have links. 

You must make your blog a valuable online resource to turn it into an inbound lead generation tool. You must discover what difficulties your target audience is facing (business management, purchasing choices, work-life balance – whatever) and strive to create the best online resource for them.

Creating content that people actually engage with is what the other 9% of the people are doing, and it’s what converts their blogs into inbound sales generating vehicles.

2. Creating Evergreen Email Content

With your blog being constantly updated with valuable content, you will produce long-lasting evergreen emails that provide some of the best ideas in your industry. You must provide cutting-edge content with headlines people find difficult to resist. Something that turns even the ice-cold traffic into potential customers. 

Preferably, this content has to be so excellent that people are almost willing to pay for it. Unless you plan to give it away for free—all they need to do is download it and give up their email address—you must give them something of excellent quality.

3. Go on Social and Promote Your Content

Well, if you’re creating attention-grabbing and evergreen content on your blogs and emails, why not boost your reach by posting it on social media? To optimize your reach, have a mix of organic and paid social media strategies depending on the networks you’re advertising on.

It’s still possible to generate organic traffic from Twitter without paying for ads, but it’s very difficult to do so from Facebook these days. On the other hand, Twitter ads are quite expensive and Facebook’s ad targeting options will take your marketing to the next level. 

We suggest focusing on paid ads on Facebook and using Twitter to reach a wider audience organically in this scenario. You still want to do the necessary organic work on Facebook—post your content, engage with relevant pages and groups, etc. But keep in mind that you must pay for ads to get the reach you need.

4. Write Guest Posts

By now, you should be used to publishing industry-leading content and you have your blog to prove it. The next step is to reach out to industry-leading online publications and offer to write for them.

By collaborating with other businesses, you can reach a new audience with the same interests as the people you want to generate leads from. Show these people what distinguishes you from other companies in your field, and give them a reason to learn more about your company.

5. Use Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

Creating the content you need and getting it to rank well in search is a time-consuming strategy. One excellent way to generate consistent inbound sales leads is through PPC advertising. This works instantly. 

With organic content-driven inbound marketing strategies, you largely generate leads from people who are very interested in your products or services, but they are not yet ready to purchase them. Even after a lead has expressed interest in your product, you still have to nurture him or her along the sales funnel.

However, there is a small (and highly profitable) group of people who have already decided to purchase what you are offering; they just haven’t decided where they will purchase it yet.

People search “best email marketing software for large retailers,” “top PPC agencies in Manchester,” or “emergency plumber near me Sunday” to discover the best providers.

Google Ads allows you to get your brand seen by these people at the crucial moment when they are ready to buy.

6. Set up Remarketing Campaigns to Reach Visitors Who Leave without Converting.

Google Ads is a great way to capture inbound sales leads from people who are ready to buy now, but not everyone is willing to pay immediately. Some people may get cold feet, go back to the results page, and check out the competition.

Well, don’t panic, it happens. 

You can keep reaching out to these prospects and keep them on-board with your brand with remarketing. You already know that these leads are really interested in your service/product since they clicked your ad. Give them an extra incentive to return to your site and close the deal.

7. Public Speaking at Industry Events

Face-to-face contact is still one of the greatest inbound lead generation methods. You can become a real industry leader by speaking at industry events, where people will pay to hear you. CEO of Venture Harbour, Marcus Taylor, after speaking at every marketing event from 2012 to 2015, realized that speaking at big conferences is largely ineffective. 

“First of all, there are too many competitors pitching for the prospect’s attention. It’s like trying to promote your book in a bookstore: Unless you have something truly exceptional to say, you’re soon forgotten. The bigger problem, though, is that most of the audience assumes that you’ll be busy after your talk – so relatively few people come up to speak to you.”

Instead of attending events such as TEDx, you’ll generate higher volumes of genuine leads by speaking at events with 50-100 people. So look for small-audience speaking engagements to generate face-to-face inbound sales leads. 

8. Have Multi-Step Forms to Maximize Inbound Lead Generation 

There are a lot of impediments to converting website visitors into inbound leads, but one of the largest is keeping them engaged with them as their needs evolve. Having the ability to convert traffic into email sign-ups via is one of the most effective ways to do this. Email marketing segments your leads and addresses their pain points as you lead them along their buying journey. 

Fortunately, you already have all of the sign-up content for email subscribers, but you still have to address the fact that most brands have average conversion rates of about 2.35%. Don’t settle for mediocrity, though. Work on your page content, headlines, and CTAs to get people excited about your offer. You can boost conversion rates by up to 300% by using multi-step forms.

Multi-step forms reduce form friction, increase incentive, and segment leads in order to increase conversion rates and help generate high-quality leads.

9. Automate your Inbound Sales Strategy

Once you know that your inbound lead generation strategies are working, you want to automate as much of each process as possible. Reducing the manual workload of your wider inbound marketing strategy, you’ll increase the number of leads you can generate. 

At Get Going in Business, we help you automate your lead generation process. We’ll help get prospects to your door, build a database and automate the prospect follow-up process, and have your prospect book your calendar. 

You can also automate most of your email marketing strategy, technical SEO reporting, lead segmentation, and much of your social media activity. Tedious daily tasks such as creating quotes and proposals, invoicing, accounting, etc. can also be automated. If you automate these processes, your lead generation results will skyrocket.

10. Automate your Sales Process

Your inbound lead generation strategy is bringing in more prospects than you ever imagined, and now the challenge is how to handle all of those leads. You have two choices: build a bigger sales team to handle the surge, or you can automate your sales process so that your existing workforce can still take care of everything—which is much more economical.

By automating the sales process from the moment users submit their email addresses, you are able to nurture them along the sales process without any (or minimal) manual input. Your sales team only needs to get involved when a lead drops outside of the automation processes, fails to respond, or contacts your teams contact for any reason.

Wrapping Up

You may be thinking at this point that you already have a wonderful blog and it is not bringing in enough leads or that paid advertising is too expensive. It’s true; these things are difficult. But if your blog isn’t producing enough leads.

If you’ve tried these strategies before and they didn’t work for you, give them another shot and put in the time and effort to get the basics right (great content, compelling ads, etc.). And if you haven’t used any of these techniques yet, now is the time to put them into action in your marketing process.

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