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The Passionate Business Owner Vs. Cutting Corners

The Difference Between Cutting Corners & Streamlining Your Business I have worked in the past with a lot of different business owners from the financial industry, to restaurants, and salons, to retail. You can really tell the difference between business owners that started because they’re passionate about the business. You can also spot business owners who go into it because they think that there’s money in it. I’ve met a lot of business owners that go into it because they think there’s money involved just to figure out how to cut corners and streamline their business. There’s a huge difference between cutting corners and streamlining your business. I look at some of my current clients that I have and streamlining operations is critical to scaling and getting larger, but Passionate does not cut corners then I look at some of them that are all about cutting corners and they call it streamlining. I think the big difference between cutting corners and streamlining is your client’s best interest, your own laziness, and productivity. Don’t Cut Corners Unless You Want To Cut Passionate Customers Let’s take each of those. If you look at laziness, there are people that say I just want to be as hands-off as much as possible. They’re even willing to cut corners to put less work on themselves, which does not get the end result for their client or customer. If we look at productivity, it is okay to dissect your operations to make them streamlined and more productive for yourself and also for your customer base. Whether that’s your marketing, or that’s your ordering, or that’s your workflow for each individual client, that is a win-win for both sides. But you should do it without focusing so much on yourself and instead using the lens of investing more time in an effort to perfect the end product or service. You should make it with the lens that your customers will get a better outcome because of the changes that you can make. Don’t cut corners unless you want to cut customers.

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