Are You Running Your Business Naked?

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Today, with all the resources available online, it is easy to set up or start a business.
More people are indeed getting started, but many overlook essential foundational details that could make or break the business. Insurance is one of those details

In this episode, we are joined by Ryan Andrew of The Andrew Agency in Richmond, Virginia.

Ryan has been in insurance all his career; he has worked for several large insurance companies and now runs his independent general agency.
He explains why insurance is the engine and foundation that allows you to do business properly.

We discuss:

  • The meaning of captive agencies and proprietary insurance products.
  • The difference between working with a captive agency and working with an independent agency when you’re looking for insurance cover.
  • General liability insurance: most businesses get this as their first policy, but that isn’t necessarily the best option.
  • How failing to get the right insurance can give rise to legal problems.
  • Getting to know what is covered and what is not, when you take out a policy.
  • Why your insurance agent needs to know immediately of a change in your business operating model.
  • How Hans once ended up with the wrong insurance.

Join us as we unpack different types of insurance.


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