In this episode, we’re talking to Dave Joley from Arnold Terrill Anzini, P.C. about prenuptial agreements. You’ve worked hard to set up your business. We take a high-level view of what you can do to protect your business before you get married.

Dave has been in practice for about 12 years and has a broad focus, representing clients in multi-disciplines such as criminal matters, business matters, and divorce. He considers himself more of a litigator than anything else because he practices quite a bit in court. If an issue is destined for the courts, he is the go-to attorney.

Arnold Terril Anzini, P.C. is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Protect Your Business Before You Get Married – Key Points

  • Each state has its laws for the formation of business and for divorce.
  • Most states recognize prenuptial agreements, but there may be state-specific formalities required to formalize them.
  • Attorneys who practice family law will have a good understanding of the requirements for prenuptials.
  • Divorce can impact a business in which you are not the sole owner; all the more reason to establish rules beforehand.
  • Although family law varies among states, the general rule is that parties can agree to include whatever they want in an agreement.
  • You always want to be as specific as possible.
  • Prenuptials should not include matters involving children.
  • Seek counsel to make certain that there’s nothing in your contract that a court would find unacceptable in a divorce proceeding.

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