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Business Contracts – If It’s Not in Writing, It Never Happened

business contracts

Often in business, people discuss and agree on terms of engagement. Today’s conversation is about what to consider with business contracts and putting things in writing.

On this show, we have Josh Clayton from the law offices of Josh Clayton, located in Shreveport, Louisiana. He began his career with law firms in Baton Rouge and Hammond, then worked briefly at an oil and gas outfit in Shreveport before going into private practice in 2008.

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Contracts – Key Points

  • When does one need to invest in documenting a legal contract?
  • Why lawyers say that phone calls never happened.
  • Contracts don’t need to sound like a lawyer wrote them.
  • When entering into a relationship for any service, at the very minimum, put your expectations in writing and get a confirmation.
  • Good contracts make good business partners.
  • Lawyers can use past email correspondence to come up with a proper contract.
  • An attorney will ask the tough questions that you might have overlooked in normal business dealings.
  • No need for reservations; contracts are modifiable.
  • Lawyers are encouraged to write contracts in simple English.
  • When someone hands you a contract, don’t be too eager to sign on the dotted line without getting a legal opinion.
  • People sometimes underestimate the value of building a trusted advisor network.
  • A tip on how to find the best lawyer when you have a specific need.

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