What You Need to Know about Employees’ Rights

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You own a business, and you’ve had to hire people. Are you hiring them as employees or subcontractors, and do you have an employee handbook?

Christina Hynes Mesco from The Prinz Law Firm helps us look at what employers need to know about employee rights. Christina is a business and employment law attorney who advises small and medium-sized entities on the gamut of issues that business owners might run into. That may be in starting or continuing their business practice, employment-related questions that might come up, or assisting in employment-related litigation.

Christina is licensed to practice in Illinois but gives general advice to clients all over the US. The Prinz Law Firm is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Key points

  • It is not uncommon for a business owner to overlook the area of employees, yet it is one that is rife with misunderstanding and litigation.
  • Employee contracts and formalizing employment relationships.
  • When hiring, decide whether you need an employee or an independent contractor.
  • A few facts that help in distinguishing between employees and independent contractors.
  • Using non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements to protect information.
  • Restrictive covenants usually are part of an employment contract.
  • It is sometimes helpful to have different terms extrapolated into separate documents.
  • Employers need to establish whether an individually negotiated agreement is required, primarily for key employees.
  • When an employee is terminated, a severance agreement could be used to obtain a “release of claims” that complies with federal and state statutes.
  • Employment litigation can be very contentious and acrimonious.
  • In cases of mergers and acquisitions, employees will be required to sign new employment agreements.
  • In addition to offering monetary incentives, a retention agreement can assuage possible concerns of top employees and prevent disruption to business operations.

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