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How Cloud Accounting Has Affected Your Bookkeeping

Do you remember having to download your books to a flash drive to take to your accountant? Those days are long gone, and we now have cloud accounting. On this show, Jason Lawhorn of Lawhorn CPA Group joins us to talk about how cloud accounting affects accountants and CPAs.

Founded by Jeff Lawhorn in 1979, Lawhorn CPA Group started as a family business offering accounting services and developed over the years into more than a traditional accounting firm. The group leverages technology and is today associated with a variety of services and brands, including auditing, marketing, and processing of credit cards.

Lawhorn CPA Group has multiple locations:  Knoxville, Tennessee; Jefferson City, Tennessee; Jackson, Wyoming; and the newest addition is Augusta and Georgia. Jason joined the business in 1992 and never looked back. He has a master’s degree in Accounting Information Systems. 

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Cloud Accounting – Key Points

  • Lawhorn CPA’s early adoption of the virtual office cloud platform.
  • More and more accounting firms are embracing technology and the cloud.
  • Using Microsoft Azure that can be to access your office from any location.
  • There’s an opportunity to adopt efficient and also effective ways of working.
  • Recalling how books used to be done with old-school technology.
  • Business intelligence and analytics for small businesses.
  • Xero enables real-time processing for business transactions.
  • Accountants and other professionals can make decisions must faster for better results.
  • QuickBooks Online has some limitations.
  • Partner eco-systems that can be used to develop custom solutions for your business.
  • Outsourcing of back-office accounting can be varied to suit for client’s preferred level of integration and involvement.
  • Having a cloud-based accounting program does not mean that you will be able to do your accounting without professional support.
  • Businesses need to continually track key performance metrics and industry trends, to identify areas for improvement.
  • Accountants can provide critical insights by relating specific numbers in the income statement to those in the balance sheet.

Listen in and also enjoy.


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