While attending college in Detroit, built up a real estate portfolio of 50 units in 3 states

Entered the work force in 2nd grade working at a Co/Op grocery store

Happily married with children…1 daughter and 2 boys

Spends his weekends hiking and fishing the rivers of western North Carolina with his family

So began his love for earning money in high school when he started day trading

Worked for a Fortune 500 company, taking his territory from 7 million to 70 million (great internal team and economic conditions assisted the growth:)

Sold his first tech company in 2017

Reggae music streams through his earbuds while working at the office

Spent most of his childhood cruising the streets on his skateboard

Thinking outside of the box and problem solving are his forte. Wait…what box?!?




He is the host of the Get Going In Business! Podcast and the founder of multiple companies where he has helped clients push through roadblocks.  Hans has worked with small businesses to large private and public companies.   The value he provides is recognizing why they have stalled and helping them over come obstacles.  Hans also demonstrates how to Protect their Purpose by introducing his Rolodex of professionals.

He was awarded the Top 30-In-Their-Thirties of Entrepreneurs.  He was also named Entrepreneurs of Distinction by Corp! Magazine.

Hans has worked with retail based business owners, contracting companies, monthly subscription box companies to software SaaS companies and professional services.