Marketing Funnel?

The marketing funnel is a roadmap for attracting, converting and nurturing customers for your business.

Simply put, it’s a visual representation of the different steps customers take from discovering your brand to purchasing and repurchasing your product.

Understanding this concept will make your marketing strategy more effective. You’ll be able to make informed decisions to enhance the customer experience as they journey through the funnel.

You may probably come across different models for creating marketing funnels. However, the most common one has four main stages:


Get your message out on various marketing channels (SEO, SEM, Blog, Social)
Your prospects have a pain point and begin to search for solutions
Potential customers see your marketing content or an existing customer recommends your brand to them.


Prospects want to learn more about your brand or see if you can solve their problem.
Here you want to educate your prospects, solve their problem or provide answers to their questions using blog posts, how-to videos, webinars, emails and more.


The prospect has researched, checked out other brands and is confident you’ve got what they need.
Now leads are ready to convert. You can exchange value by showing how your product solves their problem (demo, webinars, videos and more.)


The prospect becomes a qualified lead and takes action like signup, schedules a demo or makes a purchase
Continue to provide value with support articles, customer service (email, social, live chat support and more)
Essentially, these four stages can also be simplified as: