Business Consulting Client Results

Hans Hegge has proven business consulting success with experience in many business segments such as:

  • retail based business owners
  • contracting companies
  • monthly subscription box companies
  • SaaS software firms
  • many different professional services such as law offices and accounting firms.

Hans was awarded the Top 30-In-Their-Thirties of Entrepreneurs.  He was also named Entrepreneurs of Distinction by Corp! Magazine.

Here is what clients are saying about Hans’ business consulting:

Diana and Robby Cusic (NC)

Self Employed second business

Hans helped us take our idea, from just an idea, to creating an online platform. He helped hold us accountable with weekly and monthly meetings. The meetings included flushing out the idea, setting up the corporate documents, brainstorming the revenue model, helping with site and logo to setting up account software to track sales. Trying to tackle this by ourselves would have taken an extra six months. I would recommend hiring him to get your idea off the ground.

Jeff Handley (FL)

Owns his own business contracting business

I have worked with Hans on and off for 10 plus years. He was a client of mine in a business that I already had. When I got to know him and see his business brain in action, I pitched him on my idea. I wanted to create a business that was direct to consumer. Until this point, every sale was done wholesaler to other business owners and then each business owner would sell it to the consumers. We cut out the wholesaler partner and went direct to the consumer. He used his network to create legal documents, a logo. a shopping cart, created ads and we started to distribute across the country.

Paul Chambers (MI)

Owns a digital marketing firm- second business

Hans has a brilliant mind for business. He always seems to be thinking ahead of "what's next" and helping look at the whole picture all along the way. His planning and processes are a huge time and cost saver and the way he approaches complex situations is remarkable.

Wendy Underwood (FL)


For many years I wanted to start my own business. I kept putting it off because I was scared of the start up and all that goes into beginning a business from scratch. I was afraid of the application process, building the website and making sure I did the taxes correctly. Well, a few years ago I met Hans and all my fears disappeared. His knowledge and confidence allowed me to follow my dream and become a business owner. My business is off and running and I can honestly say if it weren't for Hans I may still be dreaming instead of growing my business.